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Art management

We service you with excellence from the very start of your collection and all through your journey through the world of art. As it requires the best specialist knowledges, Hayat Fine Art is working with the best in-class and trusted Swiss based partners and all around the globe, in accordance with the international art regulations. Our attention is to every detail. Our aim is focused on creating for you the most outstanding and personalized services. Therefore, to have a better understanding of the art history and the art market, we offer you exclusive assistance through guided and personalized visits at art fairs, museums, galleries, artists’ studios and auction houses.

Art is a Must Have Unique Experience that Hayat Fine Art will bring to you and provide you.

Art Collection Advisory

Tailormade Art Advisory Services · A 360° complete tour in-servicing · Database management and publishing · Cataloguing · Conservation · Inventory


Complete collection or individual pieces valuation for market, private or insurance purposes


Most accurate insurances solutions giving all the parameters of your art collection (location, value, transportation, …)


Personalized international storage propositions

Transportation & Logistic Management

Import and Export licenses · Museum quality framing · Shipping · Facilitation of traveling for exhibitions

Art Home staging

In-situ Hanging of artworks · advisory on artworks disposition · In-Home Private Exhibition setting

Valorization of the Collection

Art Lending to Institutional Exhibition